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Disney's FROZEN - Full Colour and in 2D! by davidkawena

Well, you've done it again! Another amazing piece of your Disney fanart which has captured my imagination and brings a smile to my face...

mr awesome by Aluri
by Aluri

W H O A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A...

KH-- Bring Him Home by Golden-Flute

This wasn't what I expected to see when I searched up 'Let Him Live', but boy was I pleasantly surprised! I have been an avid Kingdom H...

New life in old music by wanton-fox

Vision: Certainly didn't lack vision. It is definitely very clear that you intended this to be used to advertise some form of musical e...



Gyr falcon by ImmyWimmy1
Gyr falcon
A birthday card design I did for a family member a while back- a sketch of a Gyr falcon from a photograph in a book (I need to locate the book to provide a link to the photo).

Artwork (c) :iconimmywimmy1:
Konik Filly by ImmyWimmy1
Konik Filly
A piece I did as part of my thank you letters for my birthday in 2013.  Based on a photograph I took of the feral Konik pony herd at Wicken Fen. :3

Artwork and reference photo (private, so no link) (c) :iconimmywimmy1:
RIP Candy by ImmyWimmy1
RIP Candy
My last goodbye to the little ginger cat. Though I have now moved on to University, I have never forgotten just how integral Candy was in my life, especially since I still struggle to talk to people about my problems to this day.

I love you Candy, now and forever! :D <3 xxx

Artwork (c) :iconimmywimmy1:
Hello everyone!

First of all, Happy Christmas (/Holidays, apologies if the term Christmas offends you) and Happy New Year (almost)! I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday so far, even if you're unlucky enough to be an adult and you only get short breaks around the Bank Holidays (hang on in there guys!!!)

Secondly, I wish to apologise for not being active pretty much at all during the past semester. Basically I've just finished my first semester of my second year at University and it was a lot harder and more pressurised than I had anticipated. Also this year counts for 30% of my final degree, so I kinda have to prioritise my University revision and assignments, meaning my activity on here could plummet if I begin to struggle again. Hopefully I'll have things more under control next semester! ^^;

Also had a few emotional things happen, so that kind threw me off too. I'm much better now, but some things a still a little sensitive, so I will need my own space on occasion!

I'll also flag up the fact that I'm going to be extremely busy outside of University, not just in my social life on- and off-site, but also on Since I felt guilty for abandoning Cottonwood Wild Horse Ranch (a very popular Oekaki Board adoptable centre) I decided to allow people to apply for gifts between the 15th and the 20th of December, promising to do a gift for anyone and everyone who applied. What I didn't anticipate was how popular it was going to be- by the time I've posted this I have only completed four out of the 55 applications I received!!! I honestly don't know if I'll be able to complete them by next Christmas, let alone by the time I have to go back to University! I'm gonna try my best, as I love the people of Cottonwood and would never forgive myself if I let them down, but on top of having real-life work to do, it will knock DeviantArt's time slot in my life down for quite some time. I'm really sorry guys!!! DX 
Now, as far as uploading stuff in 2015 goes, I have the following things I want to get done:

  • Uploading ALL old artwork on my USB stick- artwork will range from stuff from 2011-2013 (I think?), so it will be of varying quality. Still, it will display how my art has changed (hopefully progressively) as time
    • Artwork (and Literature?) both from and for from new character designs to role play maps, there's plenty of digital art in my gallery on CS which could fit in on my DeviantArt gallery too. I'd also like to knuckle down with some artwork of my adopted characters from the Oekaki Board, most notably for Cottonwood Wild Horse Ranch and the Antlered Guardians of Destera. Also I'd be keen to create some human characters for my stables (Woodland Trax Stables and Ivy Hall), such as riders, grooms and the like. Since I have a lot to work with already, it could be a fun project to start Summer 2015 (or earlier if manageable)
      • Songfic request- Hetalia Russia x Reader 'Once Upon A December'- this is something suggested to me way WAY back in August by :icondragoshadowing: as a comment on my Russia x Reader fanfic 'You Are My Sunshine'. It's also something I've personally wanted to write, but I never got round to writing a single word- hopefully that will all change soon! ^u^ 

        • Sequel to Hetalia fanfiction 'Stranded In... Paradise?'- this has been requested so many times I don't even go back and count! XD But if people want it I'll try and get to it. Besides, I've already been planning the next chapter in my head... ;)

          • Third part to Hetalia Romano x Reader fanfiction 'Bella Notte'- Now this was a request put forward by :iconerinkirkland-mulby: on the second part way WAY WAY back in August (wow, sorry for neglecting you all guys! DX ). Now I'm not sure where I'd go with exactly, but I have three main ideas- the marriage/build up, married and expecting a baby or, and this would probably be the most challenging one for me to write, my first... ever... lemon... Yes, I said it. I'm actually considering writing a lemon for it. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your suggestions on this one! <333

            • Request- Fem!romano x Male!reader- a request received via a note from :icondanijimenez12: on 02/01/2015! ^u^

              • America x Reader songfic 'Embraceable You'- This is more of a personal one. In our University Jazz Band we play this piece without the vocals (an Alto Sax plays the melody line), so out of curiosity I went to look up to song version. Needless to say I fell in love with it and soon enough the image of... medancingwithAlfredtothissongsprangintomind... *coughcough* Anyway, I'll only start this one once I've done requests- you guys come first

                • Coat Colour Genetics Guides- still working on an equine (horse and pony only) guide with :iconserenwish:, though I've done barely anything since the summer! DX Still, I plan to get more done as 'revision' (hurhurhur) once my January exams are out of the way. I'm also working on a cat coat colour genetics guide as a solo project, though this one is still very much in its early stages and will take much longer to complete.

                  • Requests/Suggestions for my beloved watchers!- It seems only yesterday I was rolling around on the floor and waving my laptop at my friends and family when a lot of you guys pushed me past the 50 watchers mark and I can't thank you enough. Not to mention we now have some new members of the gang, pushing that number up to 68 (EDITED: seems I lost a watcher overnight)! I can't thank you guys enough for showing your support, even when I haven't been around to deliver anything in return. If there's anything you want me to consider writing, do let me know (though I might know all the fandoms you guys do, but I'll try my best!)

Do take care, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for all of your support and I do hope we can communicate in the future! ^u^

Best wishes

ImmyWimmy1 xxx


ImmyWimmy1's Profile Picture
Imogen Dodds
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello there, I'm Imogen, though my friends often call me Immy anyway! I'm currently an undergraduate student studying Zoology at a University in Wales, but I'm originally from Cambridge, England. My greatest interests lie with science (many the study and care of animals), music (I'm Grade 6 on the clarinet and Grade 4 on the piano), art and literature.

At the moment, my deviantArt gallery is a mixture of fursona artwork, artwork for adoptable pets, fanfiction and some of my original writing.

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